Just to give you a better idea of what this project is all about we present some of the more commonly asked questions.  So yeah, here’s me interviewing me!

Q. What inspired this idea?

A. I had been working on my own blog tompogson.com and I simply wanted to have more things to blog about.  I usually put my own writing, thoughts and what-I’m-up-to posts over there (very classic blog)  but I wanted to have a project I could really get my teeth into.  I have been a performing bassist for over twenty years working with a variety of different local soloists and bands including my project for the last ten years now Cookeilidh.  As a bass player you are constantly discovering great new songs, talented people, venues and just so many details and nuances about the music scene here in southern Vancouver Island.  My main work is also as a writer so the idea of writing about music seemed a natural fit, and talking to musicians about their projects was always something I was used to doing anyways.

Q. Does Westsound make money?

A. Not too much at the moment!  I have put out some shirts for sale with an image I made up with a cassette and the back of my Fender Bass.  That was just to have something out there.  But at the time of this posting the project makes no money from advertising or anything like that.

Q. Who will the magazine interview?

A. The project is completely open to all kinds of projects, of every musical background.  I do not go with every single project that comes my way, but this is not a reflection of me imposing my own tastes or having something against that project.  I have to believe in the project that is given to me so that I can make an honest review and interview.  If it has an audience or a potential audience I am interested.  This can range from a performing band to a solo artist who is just getting going to pretty much anything you can name.  Lyrical content can be tough, raw and honest but this is a hate free zone.  Fortunately I haven’t run into too much stuff that’s just too black to put up.

Q. What’s the goal of the project?

A. Having been an artist myself for most of my life I know how tough it is to get going on the career you really want to do.  I know how hard it is to get the name out there.  That’s the goal here.  I want to help other artists around town create that wonderful buzz.  As I said in the Instagram clip, we have so much incredible talent right here in our hometown.  This is the same town that is home to David Foster, Tal Bachman, Hot Hot Heat, Jets Overhead, Burton Cummings, Nelly Furtado, The Hanson Brothers and Nomeansno.  And I’m sure there’s just loads I’m missing!

Q. The Westsound Icon.  What guitar is that?

A. That’s actually the first guitar I ever played and wrote songs on.  It’s was my mom’s and I had just been playing bass when local instructor (who by the way is not just a great guy but a musician I would recommend checking out) Joey Smith said I should learn a chord instrument.  It is a Korean made classical Concerter guitar.

Q. Anything coming up for the project?

A. Always doing interviews which are usually mid month due to my schedule.  I have lots of little ideas for the projects as well such as some more reviews and possibly some online playlists.  Stay tuned to us here or on our other social media!

Q. How do I pitch to be interviewed?

A. Best to last!  Please email me at westsoundmagazine@gmail.com with your pitch.  Please have a way I can hear a sample of a couple tracks.  If selected I will meet with you for an hour or so, take some photos (something I’ve decided to start doing for social media purposes) and ask you usually about ten questions which I will record.  We can do this where ever you feel comfy but it is usually best in a place where the background noise is low enough that I can hear the end result.  The interview will be edited over the week and finally it will appear on here!  I look forward to hearing from you!



Tom Pogson