Solvent of Society – the Interview!


Things are definitely heating up for this band!  Since it’s inception only a short time ago Solvent of Society and it’s blend of rock and punk with grunge is now a client of Island-based artist representative Rozner Management.  In the same short time they have also received well over 1000 listens and YouTube views online along with playing gigs up and down the island.  Formed by members of other long time Victoria projects, the four members Jaden Johnson (Guitar) Jake Sunstrum (Vocals) Bryce Gillis (Drums) and Tyler Swager create great hard hitting songs with lyrics that focus on political as well as social-political issues.

As you can hear from our SoundCloud audio clip, they have a benefit show coming up on April 28th with the Friends of Music Society and then more shows in future!  The guys are going back into the studio to work on some more tracks but managed to find time in their busy schedules to sit down and have coffee with me.

First thing that struck me right away was the dedication of these four young musicians.  They love the work they do and it comes through in the quality of the songs that are hard hitting but also well crafted sound with hooks you will have stuck in your head.  You can hear their tracks right now at their ReverbNation website, starting out of the gates with the blazing intensity of “Glory”.

Here’s the link for that!  Ok, I’m a little link heavy on this one, but it’s work the extra tabs!

As I knew I probably wouldn’t get the names straight on the transcription side I decided to do something kind of new and post the interview as a first ever audio-clip interview.  Two things come out of this…yeah, I get to be a bit lazier but also you get to hear the great camaraderie the guys have!

So without further ado…here is me interviewing Solvent of Society on March 19th, 2016!

Also, here is the link that they recommended (their Facebook page) where you can keep right up to date with anything the guys are up to, so definitely do yourself a favour and start following them by clicking below!


Thank you for supporting independent music in Victoria!