Chantal Fabre – The Interview!

Happy New Year to everyone! And what a great way to bring in 2016 but to discover the joyous creativity of independent Victoria artist Chantal Fabre! Our now third installment of Westsound Magazine would like to welcome you to this bright light who is continuing to not only work on her extremely prolific writing but a variety of other projects that are about making life that much better for everyone.

You only have to listen to the tracks on her self released first cd “Chantzy Q & Jammin@chya Including All Shades” to hear that. The tracks are a mixture of spiritual, francophone and English, roots, country and rock that have a wonderful sing a long quality. The use of percussion and harmonies only adds to the material, provided by family and friends for a wonderful warm quality. With a voice that reminds me of an early Mae Moore, her influences of Gordon Lightfoot are also apparent and she moves the melodies along with her leading 12 string in interesting and inventive ways. From the gang singing and bright fun of Special Friend to the slow build of Loving Guidance into its large anthemic pulse the album is an absolute treat or like a gift from Chantal’s family to you.

You can check out more of her at

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And now, here’s the interview I had with Chantal Fabre on January 12, 2016!

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