An Interview with Richard Fahl


With a long history of playing open stages around Victoria and street performing Richard Fahl is on the threshold of his first cd release. It was fun meeting up with Richard because truth be known I have actually known this singer and songwriter since back in about 2000 when he was performing and hosting the open stage at James Bay Coffee and Books. Always very friendly with an interest in politics and social reform his songs reflect the desire for things that must change. It probably helps that he is a lifetime fan of the late John Lennon whose attempts at peace are the stuff of legend.

The tracks which you can check out online speak to this connection for Richard, the spirit of togetherness and facing the problems head on which are subjects that he has a long history of being passionate about. Recorded at Electric City Sound, which some folks might know as the exciting reincarnation of Zero Gravity Studios and under engineer Brendan Marshall and with the help of long time friend Rick Salt, the ambience of the tracks both boosts Fahl’s natural backyard acoustics with the update of a sleek pro recording.

The one thing that has always stuck to me about Richard has been his fascinating style of playing which is primarily rhythmic to support the songs but also seems melodic, opening up the palette for the other instruments and vocal harmonies on his albums like wide sun-drenched canyons where supporting artists can find their voices. Songs like the very Lennon-esque “Love Will Always Be Here” stays in your head as Fahl’s songs often do, the track finishing in pure Beatles style and a touch of Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour with it’s near minimalism and the use of the Hammond organ. Fans of Nick Drake might also find something familiar in the style of recording with Richard’s guitar and vocal leading the track in it’s own path which is perfectly fine in it’s stripped down essence but then fuller and more dynamic when fleshed out in the studio.


You can check out links to Richard’s music after the interview clip posted below.

And now, the interview with Richard Fahl!

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Dream of the 90’s (in Victoria, BC)


We’ve got a couple great folks to interview coming up!  With other projects and illness it’s been slow, but I was talking with a friend and the subject of Victoria in the ninties.  It’s not Portland (Check out the Portlandia clip! ) but we definitely had a lot of fun in those days!  This world of devices and blogs was in its infancy and it certainly wasn’t all perfect but while we wait for the next interview here is the Westsound Magazine Top Twelve of Victoria’s Nineties!

12 – Red Rock City Billards

This was a wonderful pool hall that was eventually replaced by a nightclub and then street link (which is fair enough) but it was a wonderful place to have a beer with friends and play the classic game in a building that looked out over the blue bridge and the inner harbour.  There was also Peacock’s in it’s old location over on Johnson.

11 – Steamers

Auto mentioned that and we both waxed nostalgic.  One of the few places you wanted to play back then with a great staff, food and stage set up it was located just west of Government and Yates.

10 – Pluto’s Open Stage

Along with the Milky Way and Java (the latter run by bass player Rick May) Pluto’s on Tuesday nights was one of the places to be if you were trying to get your sound out there.  So much so that two compilation cds came out called “Pluto’s Open Stage” volumnes one and two.

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